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The brewery' De Koperen Markies' stands for a  range of pure and tasteful beers based on a rich pallet of barley malts and grains, several fragrant hop varieties, yeast, water and herbs. It is our aim to brew beers which are accessible to a large public, even non- beer drinkers!

We strive to incorporate as many regional products as possible such as hop from Asse, fruits and flowers.

Septembre 2016, la récolte de Hallertau Mittelfruh, Golding et Magnum
Septembre 2016, la récolte de Hallertau Mittelfruh, Golding et Magnum
Septembre 2016, la récolte de Hallertau Mittelfruh, Golding et Magnum

Our beers are made without using any preservatives and they are not filtered nor pasteurized. Because of this they retain their fresh taste. We developed proper recipes for all our beers and they are all personally brewed on a small, artisanal scale.

At this moment we still hire brewing equipment from colleagues but it is our intention to start in the next phase with the foundation of our own brewery.
Le matériel de brassage
Le matériel de brassage
Le matériel de brassage


The brewer

Hugo Mertens, the brewer, studied chemistry, bio-chemistry, micro-biology, oenology and fermentation techniques.
He has been producing fruit wines and alcoholic drinks for many years in his spare time.
Initially it was his intention to start with the commercialisation of fruit wines but eventually, it was decided to step into the medical world.
Being specialised  in constructing and (re)structuring companies he worked for more than thirty years  for medical concerns.

It has always been his dream to return to his first passion later in life and to start with the production of alcoholic drinks.

That's why he studied at the 'Brewery school' in Ghent and followed the distillation course in Hasselt, the centre of the production of jenever in Belgium.


Our beers

“Pure and full-bodied local Brabant beers, brewed artisanally.”

The Brewery De Koperen Markies opted for pure and tasty beers made of a rich palette of malts and grains, different kinds of hops, yeast, water and spices.

Amber Tripel

Amber Tripel

The first 'Koperen Markies'  launched on the market, is an amber-coloured triple of 9%.
This triple is based on a variety of five different types of grain and malt and three hop varieties.

Amber Tripel

Origin 2016
Fermentation top-fermented, with secondary fermentation in the bottle
Beer style amber-coloured speciality beer
Packaging bottles of 75cl  - 37,5 cl
Composition water, malt, hop, yeast and herbs
Alcohol level 9 % vol
Colour a strong white head, amber coloured beer, bright
Smell rich and characteristic malt flavour
Taste harmonious bouquet, a smooth and full-bodied beer



In July 2017 our second beer was launched. It is a gold-blond beer with an alcohol content of 8%

This blond beer is based on a variety of 7 types of grain and 3 types of hop.


Origin 2017
Fermentation Top-fermentation with secondary fermentation in the bottle
Beer style Gold-blond coloured  speciality beer
Packaging bottles of 75cl  - 37,5 cl
Composition Water, malt, hop, yeast and herbs
Alcohol level 8 % vol
Colour A white head. Gold-blond coloured beer, bright
Smell Rich and complex malt flavour with a light and pleasant hoppy touch
Taste Soft and full  with a mild aftertaste of herbs

Pouring method

Put het bottle upright so that the yeast (secondary fermentation) remains at the bottom.
Pour into a degreased, rinsed and dry 'Koperen Markies' glass.
Keep the glass in an angle of 45° and carefully pour the beer with a head of 2.5 cm without touching it with the bottle.
Leave 1 cm of beer (yeast)  in the bottle.
Serve the glass together with the bottle.


Our beers are available in boxes of 6 bottles:

  • 6x 75cl (champaign bottles)
  • 6x 37,5cl (champaign bottles)



Our glasses can also be ordered.

Contact us for more info.

Selling points

Our products are available in the following local shops and liquor distributors.

Our beers are for sale in:

Stationstraat 14
1730 Asse
Bierhandel De Bondt - Jespers
Nerviërsstraat 102
1730 Asse
Voeding Bosteels
Daalstraat 4
1790 Affligem-Teralfene
De Bierbron
Brusselsesteenweg 149/1
1785 Merchtem
De Bierschuur
Pastoor Cooremanstraat 7
1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
Horta Ternat – Van Rossem
Assesteenweg 115
1740 Ternat
Steenweg 36
1730 Asse
’t Geel Genot
Gemeentehuisstraat 4
1740 Ternat
Ambarosa / Streekproducten
De Ridderstraat 38
9300 Aalst
Brouwerij Vercauteren
Malderendorp 27
1840 Londerzeel
De Bierschuur
Processiebaan 3
1785 Merchtem
De Kruidenier
Abdijstraat 7
1790 Hekelgem
Drinks DE ROP
Dorp 5
1745 Mazenzele

Dranken Picqueur
Gentsesteenweg 331
9300 Aalst

Streekproducten Centrum
Poststraat 3A
1500 Halle
Drankenshop Aalst Drinks
1 meistraat 4
9300 Aalst
Drankenshop Den Dries
Pauwelstraat 36
9500 Moerbeke
Drankenshop Sandersput
Brusselsesteenweg 333
9402 Meerbeke
Bierhandel Dekoninck
Felix Roggemanskaai 18
1501 Buizingen (Halle)
Drankencentrale Maes
Industrieterrein Hoogveld 29
9200 Dendermonde
Drankenservice Schoentjes
Bergensesteenweg 747
1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw


Our beers are being served in:

Nieuwstraat 21
1730 Asse
Markt 10
1730 Asse
Den Ijzerwinkel
Markt 13
1730 Asse
De Oorzaak
Markt 15
1730 Asse
Hof den Tuitelaar
Putstraat 15
9310 Meldert



Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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