Your own beer

Your own label

Do you have a birth party, birthday party, anniversary or any other celebration and would you like to give it an original touch with a personalised beer?

For every occasion we can provide the tasteful beers of De Koperen Markies and De Bronzen Baron with a personalised label that you have designed yourself or that we will design for you.

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Your own recipe

Would you like to have your own beer on the menu in your pub, brasserie, restaurant? Would you like to distribute your own beer among your customers, relations, members,... In your company, club, sports association? At De Koperen Markies we put our years of brewing knowledge at your disposal to develop a new, unique recipe for your own beer.

How does this work?

Choose a recipe

You can make an appointment to visit the brewery where we choose or design a recipe together during a tasting.

After that we set a brewing date together.


When it's brewing day, we start brewing your beer. We use 100% natural ingredients. You can order from 50 litres for derivative beers of existing beers or from 1000 litres and multiples for a unique recipe.

Create a label

After the brewing day it's time to design your label. If you do this yourself, we'll give you the necessary info about what should be on it by law. If you let us do it for you, we'll have a brainstorming session together to design the right label for your occasion. You can either print the labels yourself or send them to us. We then have them printed by our regular printer.


After 2 to 3 months of fermentation and lagering the beer is ready to be bottled and labelled. Two weeks later the beers are completely finished and waiting for you to pick them up.


And finally there is only 1 thing left: enjoying delicious moments with your own beer

Next brew

Is your beer a great success? Then we'll gladly brew another one for you.

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