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Bronzen Baron


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The first beer that we developed in this beer line, brewed with spicy Belgian hops of top fermentation, with secondary fermentation in the bottle.


Style - Golden speciality beer

Alcohol percentage - 7,5% vol

Colour & clarity - Clear, golden beer with a nice white head

Scent - Spicy with a complex aroma of Belgian hops

Taste - Spicy flavour with a pleasantly long finish and a nice bitter note


Concours International de Lyon 2020 - Silver medal
Frankfurt International Trophy 2021 - Grand Golden medal

Good to know

Cooling and storing tips

- Always place bottles cool and upright, otherwise the yeast at the bottom can mix into the beer.

- Optimal temperature is +/- 7 °C

Pouring tips

- Always use a degreased, rinsed and dry custom glass

- Take your time and pour the beer into the glass at a 45° angle

- Don't let it foam over

- Prefer not to use yeast? Leave about 1 cm of beer (with yeast residue) in the bottle